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How Covid-19 Has Reshaped The Car Wreckers Industry in New Zealand

While none of us saw it coming, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic that hit in early 2020 affected us all. Many businesses were thrown into chaos overnight, and we all had to adapt how we live, work and do pretty much anything. Even today, all over the world people are falling victim to this disease, and here in New Zealand we maintain extreme vigilance that means ‘normal’ is never quite as normal as it used to be.

New Zealand car wreckers and cash for cars have been heavily impacted by Covid-19, both immediately with lockdowns and so on, and now today as the long-term changes for all of us continue to have an impact. For Auckland car wreckers, these effects do continue and have had a negative effect on the entire industry, and this begins with the way we are all still nervous about health.

Nothing is Normal

We’ve heard endless talk of a return to normal, but reality is that things are not normal. We are all still a little nervous going somewhere we don’t know, a building we may not have visited before, getting close to someone we don’t really know. That affects us as Auckland car wreckers, and many other businesses too.

Its simply a fact that today, people are more hesitant to call us as car wreckers because of this, we understand of course, but it still hurts the business.

Fewer Accidents

That brings us on to another problem. There are fewer cars being written off in accidents because there are fewer vehicles being driven for fewer miles on the roads. Lockdowns and work from home strategies mean people are simply travelling less, reducing the number of cars being written off.

It is not just the written off cars that are getting rarer either.

No one is selling their scrap cars

Another impact on car wreckers Auckland customers may use is that fewer used cars are being sold on for scrap. The problem is that where you could get around on public transport if you need to before the pandemic, now it is virtually impossible to travel around Auckland other than in your own vehicle.

What that means for New Zealand car wreckers is that people are hanging on to old cars as back up, rather than just selling scrap cars they don’t use. If a vehicle is road worthy, when once selling for scrap was the easiest way to get an unwanted vehicle off the drive, now few are doing so.

Working with partners is more challenging

With our cash for cars Auckland service alongside our other offers, including car wrecking and car removal Auckland, we work closely with partner businesses to deliver the smooth, hassle-free service you deserve. However, not only have some of those partners closed completely due to Covid-19, but the pandemic and the necessary measures put in place have made that close working more of a challenge too.

What does the future of New Zealand car wreckers look like?

As a proactive business, we have worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that we firstly comply with all health guidelines so that we keep everyone, both employees and customers safe at all times. This includes zero contact same day car removals, bank transfers for contactless payment for your scrap cars, along with a number of operational changes designed for safety, including:

  • Regular sanitization of our facilities
  • Hand sanitizer available for all visitors
  • Covid-19 QR Codes must be scanned for all visitors
  • Our contactless operations

While these changes are designed to ensure everyone’s safety as we buy scrap cars and build confidence with customers across the country, the reality is that a return to normal is a long process and so will it be for Auckland car wreckers.

While there has been significant impact already, and the measures put in place to ensure safety are a constant reminder that we do still face problems, we hope that as we all gain confidence in this new, Covid-safe New Zealand, our business can grow and thrive, becoming stronger than ever before.

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