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Cash For Cars Tauranga

We Pay Top Cash for Cars, Utes, Vans and Trucks. Free car removal Tauranga services

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All Makes & Models

We buy all makes, all models and in any condition. No matter it's a small car or a big truck, we can buy them all

Same Day Pickup

Free Same Day Pickup is included when you sell your car to Scrap My Car. Fast, professional and convenient

Fair Prices

We offer fair prices for all vehicles. We ask you a couple of quick questions before we make you an offer

Cash For Cars Tauranga | Car Wreckers Tauranga

Cash For Cars Tauranga and Car Wreckers Tauranga is part of a scrap car recycling centre network across New Zealand. Whatever your vehicle’s model, make, type, and condition, we can help you sell your scrap car!

Even if your vehicle doesn’t start, you can still get cash in your hands when you sell it to us at Cash For Cars Tauranga. We take all cars, no matter how old or what condition it is in, whether damaged, worn out or just ready to be recycled, you can trust us to give you cash to scrap your car with Cash For Cars Tauranga.


Our Tauranga branch of Cash For Cars covers all the surrounding areas of Tauranga. 


Instant Cash For Cars Tauranga

We pay instant cash for cars in Tauranga. Call us free on 0800 666 881 today and tell us about your vehicle and its location. We’ll give you an instant quote over the phone. It’s guaranteed for 7 days, so you have plenty of time to think about it. Once you know how much your scrap car is worth, you can arrange a pickup any time that suits and we’ll pay you in cash as we collect it.

If you prefer to do things by email, just use the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you with a price.

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Local Cash For Cars in Tauranga

Covering the entire Tauranga area and beyond, we always offer the best local cash for cars in Tauranga for any scrap cars or scrap trucks with the convenience of hassle-free service. Because we are local, we don’t keep you waiting, we can be with you within an hour usually, or at a time that best fits your day. If you like the quote, we can take the vehicle away and have cash in your hands just as quickly!

Join thousands of happy customers when you choose Scrap My Car. If you need help to arrange cash for cars in Tauranga, our friendly team are here to help, just give us a call!

To get a quick quote fill the form below:

Cash For Cars Tauranga

Scrap My Car will pay highest cash for cars in Tauranga. Not only will we remove your car, but we will pay you a competitive price for it too. We can scrap your car today or any other truck or van you are looking to offload. Even if your vehicle:

  • Has been in an accident
  • Is no longer running
  • Water damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Rusty

Car Removal Tauranga

For the best price for car removal Tauranga, just call us today! Don’t waste your time ringing endless wreckers Tauranga has to offer, one call gets you the best price every time with Cash For Cars Tauranga. Our car removal Tauranga always delivers free removal and great cash prices with same-day collection in most circumstances. Whether your vehicle is damaged, beyond repair, uninsured or you just don’t have time to drop it off, we are here to solve your unwanted vehicle problems.

Call our car removal Tauranga team today to see how much your scrap car for cash can be worth.

Car Removal
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Car Wreckers Tauranga

Car Wreckers Tauranga – ensuring we reuse and recycle as much of the scrap car as possible. We use the latest methods to remove any hazardous materials from the car and dispose of them safely.

The scrap car for cash prices can vary depending on the global demand and value of scrap metal. Scrap metal prices across the globe can change often and they have an impact on the price paid for your scrap car. The Scrap My Car scrap car prices are always monitored and the changes in the value of scrap cars are according to the market to give you the best price possible every time.

Eco Friendly Service

To look after the environment, our Cash For Cars Tauranga team use the latest methods they can to safely remove all harmful materials from your car or truck, then dispose of them in the safest way. Ensuring that they reuse and recycle as much of your scrap car or truck as possible. Parts may be reused to get the most out of them, and if a car can be repaired and reused for longer, they may do so. 

When a car has truly reached the end of the road, Scrap My Car makes sure that vehicles are treated to remove any hazardous materials including oils, batteries and tyres, which would cause serious environmental damage if they ended up down the drain or in landfill. Then, as much of the scrap car as possible, such as the metal, glass and plastics, are separated for recycling.


Step 1

Call us and book in your old truck removal

Step 2

We will then come to you and tell you exactly what your vehicle is worth

Step 3

We will finish off the paperwork and you receive your payment

Step 4

Our tow truck will pickup the vehicle fast and safely
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Most Frequent Questions & Answers 

How much cash for cars pay for vehicles?

It all depends on your vehicle's make, model and condition. We will ask you a couple of quick questions when you call us. You will be given an instant price over the phone from one of our scrap car removal experts.

Does it include free car removal?

Yes! Absolutely, there will be no hidden towing cost or whatsoever. 

How will i be paid?

We leave this up to you. We can pay either in cash or transfer it to your account at the same time.

How does it all work?

Scrap My Car is the quickest and easiest way when you want to sell or get rid of an unwanted vehicle.

Call 0800 666 881 or send us a quick emailWe talk to you about your vehicleWe come to you and check your vehicle.We pay youWe arrange the removal.


What happens to the ownership of my vehicle?

Scrap My Car will remove your plates and tags and return it to you for the ownership cancellation process. If the driver buy's your vehicle with the plates, the ownership will be transferred over to the company right there and then. 

Cancellation Process:

Drop off the plates and tags to any local VTNZ or AA Centre and fill out a MR15 form.