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The Green, Environment-Friendly Auto Wreckers

Certified auto wreckers play crucial roles in protecting the environment by safely recycling all wrecked and unwanted vehicles. The hazardous chemical, material, and product wastes contained in cars can cause serious damage to our health and ecosystem. Therefore, holding onto old and damaged cars can serve trouble to the vehicle owner and the environment.  

What Role Does Scrap My Car Play in Helping the Environment?

At Scrap My Car, we focus on disposing of your car in the most eco-friendly manner. Our team is fully aware and knowledgeable of each car part and its impact on the environment. We are a certified car wreckers, cash for cars, and car removal company with a team of professionals who follow set protocols to ensure a green and safe discard of your vehicle is done. We abide by the environmental guidelines and take importance in the safety and health of our planet.

Auto Recycling

Our cash for cars team follows the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We allow for the disposable of vehicles in a responsible and professional method by separating any reusable parts and reducing any needless wastage. The reusable spares including tyres, batteries, transmissions, motors, and bumpers are correctly recycled and resold at affordable prices. Through recycling vehicles, we can prevent the build-up of hazardous materials in our landfills and reduce the demand for metal mining.

At Scrap My Car we are skilled when it comes to the safe disposable of damaged vehicles. We understand the right procedures and equipment’s needed when it comes to the safe disposal of your vehicles. Many different fluids are involved in a functioning car, some of which include engine oil, transmission, and radiator fluid. When these toxin fluids are not handled and disposed of correctly, this can result in environmental and health risks. Our team at Scrap My Car approaches such hazardous fluids and gases contained in cars with a professional disposal method.

Free Car Removal Services

Scrap My Car provides a free-of-charge vehicle pickup from anywhere the car is sitting and ensures client satisfaction is met through a hassle-free, fast, and reliable service. Are you in search of a certified auto yard that is eco-friendly and cautious of impacts to the environment when it comes to car removal? Give us a call on 0800 666 881 or send us an email for any eco-friendly car removal inquiry.

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